Posture Chairs

More working hours are lost through back pain and poor posture than for any other reason.

In the UK alone it is estimated that a total of 8.9 million working days were lost due to work-related musculoskeletal disorders in the most recent statistics.

In each case that amounted to 17.6 days off work. It was 35% of all days lost due to ill health in 2019/2020.

Our innovative, stylish and high-quality posture chairs are designed to provide outstanding support and a high level of adjustability.

This enables you to get the chair to ‘fit’ your best sitting position. Every chair in our posture range has multiple functionalities. This allows users to set the chair up for the ideal sitting experience depending on height, weight, build and usage.

Posture seating is an investment in efficiency and comfort; more crucially it is an investment in good health.

Chiro Plus Ultimate With Headrest

£1,055.00 – £1,080.00

Stealth Posture Chair

£1,029.00 – £1,179.00

Chiro Plus Posture Chair Bespoke

£967.00 – £1,085.00

Ergo Click Plus

£960.00 – £972.00

Onyx Ergo Posture Chair

£878.00 – £1,131.00

Chiro Plus Posture Chair

£867.00 – £964.00

Ergo Click

£856.00 – £938.00

Domino Chair


Sitall Deluxe Stool

£257.00 – £286.00
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