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For every £100 spent at Dynamic we plant 1 tree

The Forest of Dynamic

View our reforestation progress here and make a charitable donation

Our Mission

Our mission is to reforest the world. Planting trees has been proven to be one of the most efficient solutions to fight Climate Change.

Thanks to the Tree-Nation's reforestation and conservation projects we help to restore forests, create jobs, support local communities and protect biodiversity.

Through the Tree-Nation platform we aim to bring a technological solution to the problem of Deforestation, responsible for about 17% of all Climate Change emissions.                                                            

Tree-Nation use technology to make tree planting easy and provide support, advice and solutions to citizens and companies to help them transition towards a sustainable future.

With 85% of all terrestrial species living in tropical forests, whose existences are intrinsically bound to the forests, their habitat. Tree-Nation care to restore and preserve the biodiversity to help avoid a mass extinction.

The Problem

We lose trees at a rate of 50 football fields per minute as our food systems destroy our ecosystems. Most of this degradation occurs in the developing tropics of Africa, Latin America, and South and Southeast Asia where hundreds of millions of chronically-hungry, smallholder farming families unknowingly use destructive and short-sighted agricultural practices that further degrade their communities trees, soil, water and biodiversity, making them even more likely to migrate and more vulnerable to the climate changes that lie ahead. It becomes a cycle.

Our Solution

Trees are key pillars of the world for both humans and the environment. They benefit us by purifying water, air and creating better social conditions. They benefit the environment by providing homes for various forms of life, cooling our climate and improving our soil.

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Nobody can ignore it. Our beautiful planet is in trouble, and we need to all take
responsibility to return the natural balance of nature.

Here at Dynamic Office Solutions we are excited to let you know that we are creating a strategy that will see
us implementing actions that will make the goals of the crucial Paris Climate Change
Agreement a reality – a decade ahead of the UK government’s own deadline.
Back in 2020, we became the first in our industry to set a bold target for ourselves and we
will be investing £1m over the next 20 years to the fight to reduce the effect of our own
operations to net zero by 2040.

We have a plan that involves every facet of our business from packaging, reducing carbon
emissions, product components, healthy living initiatives, food waste, plastic usage, energy
conservation, water saving, biodiversity and healthy/sustainable living.
It is a bold plan. We hope our customers will join us in the journey that is critical to our
children and future generations. It will not always be easy – but the prize is too important
to ignore.

We already made a significant start back in 2020. Some were big measures. We moved
furniture packaging to polystyrene free solutions and we have since progressed plans to reduce it to zero.
Our transport and sales fleet now features several eco-friendly hybrid vehicles as well as
some low emission models. More will be following, and staff are now being enrolled in
training courses for eco-driving techniques.
In addition, all Dynamic transport impact on the climate is being tackled with our active
participation in a carbon offset programme that will render our logistics travel carbon

Some are smaller measures that still make a big difference over time. Our spring water
dispensers using big single use bottles have been replaced with filtered water fountains
around our buildings. All staff have repeat use water bottles they can fill from these.
Dynamic is formalising a paperless policy where possible for its warehouses and offices and
creating a raft of recycling zones where paper, glass, plastic, and metal is segregated and re-
cycled. Back in 2020, we reduced our landfill waste by 15% in the first six months and aim to have a further 35% saving by year three.

Back in 2020 low energy LED lighting was introduced into all locations as part of an ongoing
programme in all company locations. Our production areas and warehouses
have been fitted with LED’s.


Our customer and vendor facing employees will be taking part in a planned reduction in
travel either by car or air. We have a strategy to use video conferencing and other online
techniques to help us dramatically reduce our negative carbon footprint effect on road and
air travel. If face-to-face is essential employees will be focused on alternative travel such as
rail as a primary consideration.

We are widening our sphere of influence as well with Dynamic already planning detailed
discussions with our supplier partners to ensure they join us in the voyage.
Discussions have already started on product and packaging. We are building in recycled and
recyclable materials into our products. In addition, we are conducting a thorough review of
all packaging – removing polystyrene and using recycled or recyclable cardboard to protect
our products.

It is the start of a long journey. But from Day 1 we are making a positive impact on the
environment we all share.
Our After Sales Supervisor and Environmental Champion Jackson leads the crucial charge.
Join the fight. Notify if you have any questions or an idea of how we can work together to make our
planet a better place for us, and our children.


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