Mobile showroom

Our 1966 Dynamic Bus

‘Dynamibus’ our classic 1966 Routemaster, can come to you and we can demonstrate a sizable selection of our exciting products in a unique way. Our onboard specialists provide you with all the knowledge and training to be able to sell our products with confidence. Some of the benefits include:
  • Increased accessibility

  • Increased sales

  • Customer Engagement

  • Cost savings

  • Brand building

  • Increased flexibility

The benefits of using our mobile showroom

The 'Dynamibus' will support you to increase sales, improve customer engagement, and build your brand. 
  • Accessibility

Dynamic is able to demonstrate a sizable selection of our exciting product portfolio in a completely unique way. On board we provide specialist ‘Furnology’ training sessions to help educate or enhance furniture knowledge and understanding.
  • Increased sales

A convenient way for you to see our products or services, helping you and your teams see an increase in sales.

  • Customer engagement

The ‘Dynamibus’ creates impact, intrigue and excitement like no other and caters for ‘newbie’ or ‘seasoned furniture pro’s’ alike. Visits not only create better product knowledge, but instil confidence in both quality and functionality in a very memorable way.
  • Cost savings

The mobile showroom can save you the cost of visiting us and we can come to you in such a unique way.
  • Brand building

'Dynamibus' can be a powerful brand-building tool, as it allows you see our products or services in a professional and engaging way.
Fun for everyone!
  • Increased flexibility

The Dynamic training and dealer support vehicle (AKA the ‘Dynamibus’) provides the perfect mobile furniture platform. This 50 year old Vintage Routemaster (RML) tours the UK and beyond visiting dealers in person or at specialist exhibitions, events and other.

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