Pricing Policy

Whilst we are pleased to have many UK suppliers Dynamic, like most other competitor businesses in the UK office furniture and seating market, purchases much of its raw materials and components from its own factory partners abroad in Euros and Dollars.

The volatility of the Sterling to € and $ exchange rate has increased in recent years. We have a comprehensive programme that incorporates our supply partners to provide as much price stability as possible.

Our strategy is designed to achieve three key objectives:

Continue to provide outstanding quality service and products
Create stability in our business to continue to service our customers
Enable our customers to remain the most competitive in the market

To help us achieve this we have created a number of buying disciplines. Whilst we would not suggest they are infallible, they are designed to reduce the volatility in our own buying and as a result smooth pricing to our customers. The result is a more stable pricing approach that gives customers the reassurance of pricing consistency.

 Economists and other pundits are split on where this may end. Nobody has a definitive version of future events as they will unveil in the currency markets and investment houses. 

 We continue to work with finance partners to achieve best practice and stability.