Charity Easter Egg Appeal

Charity Easter Egg Appeal

Team Dynamic was delighted to contribute to the yearly Easter Egg campaign, spearheaded by Northamptonshire's advocate for children, Jeanette Walsh, affectionately known as Mother Christmas, in partnership with Northampton’s Children Trust charity. This spring, Jeanette had adopted the role of the Easter Bunny, swapping her iconic red attire for bunny ears to delight children with an Easter brimming with goodies.

Jeanette, a former social worker and truly a remarkable person, dedicated a significant portion of the year to her role as Mother Christmas, coordinating a holiday gift drive for the region's children in need. She leapt into action this Easter, spearheading a campaign to gift Easter goodies to vulnerable children.

Jeanette expressed her gratitude for the donations received so far but emphasised the need for further support to gather over 5,000 chocolate Easter eggs. She aimed to provide underprivileged children with a small pleasure and hoped the remarkable generosity witnessed during the Christmas period would continue to bring happiness this Easter.

Having been raised in a children’s home herself, Jeanette understood the importance of community-donated gifts. She believed that providing Easter eggs could help ensure these children didn’t feel overlooked, offering them a semblance of normalcy.

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