The history of the Dynamibus from 1966 to now

The history of the Dynamibus from 1966 to now

Routemaster RML2471, better known as Dynamibus, is our much-loved mascot and mobile showroom. Manufactured by AEC in May of 1966 (pictured above), RML2471 was quickly sent to the streets of London, where she loyally served members of the Finchley, Willesden, and Hornchurch communities for many years.

Undergoing several paint jobs during this time, along with an overhaul of the bodywork, she was eventually gifted a Cummins engine upgrade in 1992 and was completely refurbished in 1993.
The following year donning all her improvements, RML2471 was privatised and again put to work, this time under the banner of Metroline. Over the next decade, she was used on several popular routes and even received another new Cummins engine along with an upgrade of the gearbox.

In 2004, RML2471 was withdrawn from service and privately sold. Over the next 11 years, she was used as a marketing and promotional tool for a range of companies and purposes, including Heinz Tomato Soup and even the Pirates of the Caribbean film series!

After relishing the limelight for so long, RML2471 was gratefully purchased by Dynamic in 2015 and has since toured the United Kingdom and Ireland as our mobile showroom - bringing seating, furniture, product training and joy to not only our customers, but also the public both young and old.

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