How-to Guides

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Have no fear, your how-to guide is here.

Tracking your orders

Why waste time picking up the phone when you can track your orders in a few clicks?

Checking stock quantity

Why juggle spreadsheets when you can check stock quantities with a single glance?

placing orders online

Swap the hassle of traditional order methods for the ease and speed of online ordering.

downloading data

Skip the tedious manual data collection; effortlessly download the data you need in seconds.

Install calculator

Trade complex manual calculations for automated install cost estimates, saving time and improving accuracy.

shopping the sale

Move beyond endless browsing; quickly snap up the best deals with online sale shopping.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I place an order on your website, when will i get the tracking?

We aim to provide tracking within 4 hours of purchase on the website. Once tracking has been generated you will receive email confirmation of despatch along with the tracking information. Alternatively you can find your tracking on the customer dashboard.

Are stock quantities accurate on the website?

Yes, our stock quantities are updated daily to ensure no orders are placed without the stock being available.

Do you have product 360's?

We do! Please visit the downloads page and scroll down to product 360's!

Can I see all of my pricing online?

If you have a registered account with us, all of your discounted pricing will be visble on all products. Simply click on the product you wish to view and you will be presented with your custom pricing.