The Ergo Range
The Ergo Range sets new standards in design and posture support.

Introducing the Ergo Range

The future of Ergonomic chairs is here, thanks to our extensive research we have created the perfect chairs to suit any environment.

Advanced operations included within the Ergo Range

Fly by wire
This unique technology puts key adjustments at your fingertips, being able to control height and recline adjustments.
Seat Slide
Featured across the Ergo range the Ergonomic seat slide makes these chairs suitable for all sizes.
Tension Controller
A hidden feature that enables the user to control the tension of the recline adjustment.
Multi-functional Headrest
A headrest that supports your every need.

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Ergo Click +

The ErgoClick+ sets new standards in design and posture support.

Ergo Click

Like the Ergo Click it adopts features from the + however includes the Ergo Twist backrest.

Ergo Twist

The cost effective Ergo Twist chair features an innovative twist backrest that provides supreme back support.