It is one of the very few areas in the office that will provide an improvement in health and efficiency.
Seating has developed massively, even in the last decade. Now users weight, build, usage and tasks all contribute to finding the perfect product.
Feature-rich posture, task, ergonomic, operator, heavy duty and 24 hour chairs all provide outstanding support and comfort - and that translates to more efficiency at work.

Posture Chairs

Our innovative, stylish and high-quality posture chairs are designed to provide outstanding support and a high level of adjustability.
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Task & Operator Chairs

Our task and operator chairs fulfil a variety of functions, styles and price points within the hectic workplace.
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Heavy Duty

We come in all shapes and sizes, so why should we compromise on style and satisfaction?
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From mid-managers through to top executives the tasks performed are varied and demanding.
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Visitor & Conference

Meetings. Love them or not they can often be where the best businesses are forged.
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All Chairs

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